Driving While Impaired


A DWI conviction can affect a person’s driver license, job, family, recreation, and freedom. If convicted, punishment ranges anywhere from community service to 3 years imprisonment.

We know what is at stake and fight to avoid the adverse consequences of a conviction.

Swaim Law PLLC knows DWI law, understands the nuances of field sobriety testing, and has substantial experience representing clients facing DWI charges. We thoroughly review each client’s case looking for ways to attack the charges. Many DWI defenses are based on the law alone and can be raised even when the facts are not on our side and there is a BAC of .08 or above. Other defenses challenge the sufficiency of the evidence and the prosecution’s ability to prove DWI beyond a reasonable doubt. Swaim Law PLLC provides a free consultation to discuss your case and possible defenses.

When Swaim Law PLLC is retained to represent a client facing DWI charges, our first step is to restore your driving privileges suspended by the 30-day civil revocation. Next, we subpoena the police reports, officer notes, in-car video, and other relevant evidence. While the attorney reviews the evidence and prepares challenges to the charges, the attorney simultaneously counsels the client to undertake action outside of court that will benefit their legal matter. With Swaim Law PLLC, the attorney-client relationship throughout a pending DWI charge is an open line of communication.

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