Areas of Practice 

Swaim Law, PLLC is a dynamic, results-oriented firm located in Eastern Wake County. Swaim Law provides counsel to and represents clients in both criminal and civil cases.

Small Town Charm, Big City Results

Medical License Defense

Vigorous legal defense for Physicians and Medical Care Providers

If circumstances arise in which the medical standard of care you provide or your professionalism is being challenged by the North Carolina Medical Board, it’s vital that you have an experienced knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Criminal Defense

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Swaim Law is experienced in handling Felony and Misdemeanor offenses from arrest to trial. We diligently defend each client regardless of the charges they may face. Our goal is to protect your rights; when many judges and prosecutors are concerned more with getting a conviction, or, in their eyes, a win. You’re not a “win” or a “lose” to us; you’re more than that because we care ​about our  clients. We will zealously fight to protect your rights, those very rights that are provided to you by the constitution.

Driving While Impaired

A DWI conviction can affect a person’s driver license, job, family, recreation, and freedom. If convicted, punishment ranges anywhere from community service to 3 years imprisonment. We know what is at stake and fight to avoid the adverse consequences of a conviction.

Traffic Tickets

Don’t just plead guilty and pay the fine! 

Did you know a guilty plea to a traffic ticket can increase insurance rates, suspended a driver’s license, or even result in a misdemeanor conviction? 

Estate Administration

Estate planning may not be something that is a easy topic of converstation, but it is important to protect the interest of your family. Swaim Law PLLC woth help ensure that your wishes are carried out and your family is taken care of once you’re gone. For a better understanding of the services that we provide to families contact our office and set up a time to discuss your needs.

Family Law

Even in the most amicable situation, any legal matter pertaining to family law tends to be an emotionally draining experience.  Swaim Law understands that this is an extremely difficult time for you and your family and is committed to making the situation as painless as possible.

By combining basic human virtues such as compassion, kindness and mutual respect, along with experience, Swaim Law wants to help you close this chapter of your life and begin the next.

Wokers Compensation

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident at work?

In 1929, North Carolina adopted its workers’ compensation act as a “statutory compromise” between employees and their employers. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, employees are compensated for work-related injuries and illnesses that resulted from an accident in the scope of employment. The program is set up as insurance that’s meant to cover a worker’s total medical costs and a portion of lost income, as well as diminished earning capacity and any permanent disability/impairment percentage rating settlement. The Act never allows for or provides compensation for pain and suffering.

Personal Injury

Your injury is personal to us.

Being injured through no fault of your own is frustrating and frightening. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. They have one goal: to pay out as little as possible. While you are dealing with missing work, follow up appointments, healing, and medical bills piling up before your bruises even heal, the insurance company is worried about its bottom line. They simply do not understand the physical, emotional, and psychological damages that can be caused by an accident.

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