Wake County to Prosecute ALL DWI Charges

Did you know the policy of the Wake County District Attorney is to prosecute all DWI charges?  Some other counties and other states use discretion to decide whether a case has the merit to go to trial of not.  If you are arrested for DWI in Wake, you better get ready to defend your case.

Some driving while impaired cases are open and shut.  Some are not.  If you have a case that you believe is not an open and shut case, what do you do to prepare for court?  Do you believe you will just go to court and “tell the judge the truth” and be sent home with an apology.  I have heard many people draw up such a plan in their head, and in my experience, it never turns out well.

 At Swaim Law we take every DWI charge seriously.  A licensed and experienced attorney goes over each DWI case personally.  We read every bit of discovery we can obtain.  We file motions to compel the state to release all the discovery if we think something about the case is being hidden.  We will file motions to suppress evidence when we believe it has been obtained illegally.  We will zealously defend the interest of our clients against a system designed to take their life, liberty, and happiness.

 The Government fights against you when you are charged with a DWI.

 At Swaim Law, we use our experience and knowledge to fight for you.

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